Fellow Citizens of Greene County,

Let me thank you for taking the time to visit this site and having the concern for your community to try and be informed as much as you can, to make an intelligent decision as to whom to cast your vote for. I have always felt that the position of Sheriff should be more than a person attaching themselves to a political party. The Sheriff is the highest law enforcement official in the county. The people place a tremendous amount of trust in the sheriff, but, to whom much is given, much is expected.

Below are fundamental values that have been implemented and are being practiced at the Tusculum Police Department and I will bring these values to the Sheriff’s Department and the citizens of Greene County.

The Highest Priority is the Protection of Human Life. There is no more important priority to any law enforcement agency than protection of human life. This belief is reflected in every aspect of police conduct. Our highest priority will always be the protection of human life in our schools, homes, businesses and on our roadways.

Crime Prevention is a Goal and is accomplished in two parts. The first being, open communications with the community as to their concerns of  safety upon our roads, problems of crime, fear of crime, and disorders, which lead to social decay and result in a poor quality of all within the community. The second is education of the community. By being active in teaching, speaking, and the training of our citizens we educate them on current issues that affect their safety, sense of well-being and negative factors lessening the quality of life. However, when crimes do occur, the Department must react with vigorous law enforcement, moving aggressively toward arrest and prosecution of the perpetrator. Vigorous law enforcement is an important deterrent to serious crime.

We Treat Members of the Public with Respect and Dignity.  We treat all those we serve in a compassionate, sensitive, courteous and professional manner, regardless of sex, race, lifestyle or reason for police contact. The integrity of the Department must not be compromised. There can be no question or suspicion among the citizenry regarding Department ethics. We safeguard all citizens' rights through high levels of accountability from all members of the Department.

We are Committed to Managing Our Resources in a Careful, Efficient and Effective Manner. The Management of a law enforcement agency is very similar to the operation of a business with the ultimate objective being quality service with a minimum of costs. The department must be managed so that there is a maximum return from the expenditure of each tax dollar appropriated. Issues such as employee productivity, fiscal accountability, planning and resource utilization is carefully studied and systematically addressed.

We recognize that the departments members are its greatest asset. All Department members are entitled to respectful, fair and consistent treatment. In matters impacting member job satisfaction and effectiveness, we seek the input of our members and involve them in the decision-making process. The efforts of our members are the principal means by which the Department fulfills its mission and accomplishes its public service goals.

I am committed to always striving for excellence in law enforcement and am dedicated to the people, traditions and diversity of our Cities and County.

Danny Greene
Candidate for Sheriff

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